Box Legal has over 14 years experience and expertise in providing After the Event insurance to the legal profession

Here at Box Legal we constantly keep up to date with the latest legal news and case law in order to provide a blog which we hope will reach and be of value to our readers in the legal profession.   Our expertise in different areas of law allows us to all make an individual and unique contribution to the blog.

Our team of lawyers all have a background of working in private practice and running their own Personal injury cases and are happy to provide full legal support in what we understand is an ever changing legal market.

Traditionally, Box Legal has offered a selection of ClaimSafe ATE policies for all types of personal injury claims.  However, since the changes to civil litigation were introduced we understand that many Personal Injury solicitors have been forced to embrace new marketing strategies and Box Legal have been quick to react and introduce a wide range of policies for standard costs claims to include:-

  • Housing Disrepair
  • Financial Mis-selling (payday loans, PPI, mortgage mis-selling, mortgage miss calculation and more)
  • Cavity Wall Insulation

We consider one of our strengths as being approachable and accessible and believe this is the key to building relationships with solicitors and companies and pride ourselves on being open to any suggestion for the development of new ATE products.

We are proud to say that since the changes were introduced we have risen to the challenge and strengthened and will continue to strengthen our expertise in line with the ever changing legal landscape and market demands.