Hearts and Minds

In 1966, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson instituted a “Hearts and Minds” campaign in Vietnam to try to win the Vietnam war by getting the support of the local population. This was in essence heavy-handed propaganda, and I mention it because

The New Costs Regime – A Trip to the Dentist?

We all dread it, sometimes for weeks in advance. A trip to the dentist. The visit itself may not be that bad, but the dread of what might happen…….. Could it be that in a few month’s time we will

Government to Consult on Raising the Small Claims Court Limit

Hot off the press, Mr Jingly Jangly has confirmed the that the Ministry of Justice is going to ‘consult’ on their er, decision to raise the small claims court limit for Personal Injury claims from £1,000 to £5,000. Here it